Potholes got you down? Winter is here which means cold weather, snow, and plow trucks. So how does that affect your parking lot? It could mean potholes, broken parking bumpers, or damaged signage. Getting a jump start on these repairs can help to avoid safety issues or continued deterioration of the asphalt. Not to worry, Otto’s has the solution!



Once the cold weather hits any loose or deteriorated areas in the asphalt can quickly turn into potholes. Potholes should be repaired immediately, regardless of the time of year. If not taken care of right away, they can lead to costly trip and fall lawsuits and lost business.

Broken Signs

Traffic signs make your lot safe and efficient for vehicles and pedestrians. Snowplows remove snow from the parking lot quickly and easily, but if they aren’t careful they can also easily damage your traffic signs. Broken stop signs can cause confusion and even accidents. For the safety of your patrons fix any broken signs immediately.


Parking Bumpers 

Parking bumpers are installed to help protect parked vehicles, signage and other objects from accidental vehicular impact. To prevent damage to your building or customers vehicles, repair any loose or damaged parking bumpers right away.

Just because there is snow on the ground it doesn’t mean we aren’t able to help you get these repairs made. Call Otto’s today and let one of our estimators help you with your winter weather damage! 

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