If you’re in the market for precast concrete products to enhance the safety and flow of your parking lot, look no further.  Indiana Barrier Company, a division of Otto’s Parking Marking, has the concrete products to make your parking lot complete.

Concrete Sign Bases

Concrete Sign Base

This sign base was used as an alternative to installing a fence. By attaching chains to the sign post, the customer was able to block off a specific area within their parking lot.

Our concrete sign bases can be used for temporary or permanent sign placement. They are a perfect solution for protecting sign posts and keeping them upright in high traffic areas, such as interior drive lanes within a parking lot.  The heavy weight of the base prevents the signs from falling over in the wind and also decreases the chances for theft. They are also a great alternative to driving a sign post directly into the ground. When needed, our concrete sign bases can be moved out the way for snow removal and other parking lot maintenance.

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops should be installed at least 24″ from the curb to keep the overhang of vehicles from blocking the sidewalk.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Also known as parking bumpers, curb stops, parking blocks, or wheel stops, these reliable concrete structures are an important part of any parking facility.  Parking stops are often installed in individual parking spaces and are used as guides to help drivers know where to park and how far they should pull into the parking space.  They are also used to protect pedestrians, parked vehicles, buildings, fences, signs, and other structures from accidental vehicular impact.

Indiana Barrier Co. has several wheel stop options to choose from.  Our concrete car wheel stops are either flat on the bottom or have drains.  We also make a large concrete truck wheel stop that is typically used for semis and other large trucks.

Rubber Bumpers

Rubber wheel stops are made in a variety of colors and can be matched up to the striping in your parking lot.

Rubber Wheel Stops

As an alternative to concrete wheel stops, we can also provide rubber wheel stops.  These are eco-friendly, durable and light weight.  They do not need to be painted because they have reflective stripes that make them highly visible.

Otto’s Parking Marking and Indiana Barrier Company operate as separate divisions, but as a convenience to all of our customers, you can contact either company to place an order. You will be provided with the same pricing and high quality products and services, regardless of which company you contact.