Rather than giving traditional gifts, such as pens, calendars or chocolates, Otto’s Parking Marking has once again chosen to take our annual Christmas gift budget and use it instead to make a charitable donation on behalf of our loyal customers and business partners.

“Christmas is a season of goodwill and we believe that we act with our customers’ and business partners’ approval when we give generously to those in need,” explained Steve Sawa, Co-Owner of Otto’s Parking Marking. “This Christmas, we will donate the dollar amount that we would spend on physical gifts to the Good Cheer Fund of Johnson County.”

The Good Cheer Fund of Johnson County has been in existence since 1921. The organization provides baskets of food to those less fortunate Johnson County residents during the Christmas season. This year they plan to distribute 775 baskets of food and any excess canned goods will then be donated to the Johnson County InterChurch Food Pantry.