I think it’s funny that when I tell someone I work at Otto’s Parking Marking, I always get the same response. “Oh yeah! I see your striping crews and work trucks everywhere.”  That statement isn’t far from the truth considering that we have nine striping crews that work in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.  What most people don’t see, however, is that we also have a striping crew that travels out of the state to work.  In fact, this crew has completed parking lot striping in 16 different states just this year.

Out of State Parking Lot Striping

Although we complete out of state striping work year round, the majority of this work is completed between November and March.  The winter weather in Indiana isn’t ideal for striping parking lots.  Rather than shut down our business, we just head south and continue to work.  States like Florida, Georgia and Texas have great striping weather during the winter months.

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The majority of the properties that we focus on when going out of state are shopping centers and malls that are managed by national property management companies.  The fact that we travel out of state is beneficial to property managers with large portfolios that stretch across multiple states.  Instead of having to find and contact numerous striping companies to paint their properties, they can make one phone call to us and we can handle getting everything done for them.

Out of State Parking Lot Striping

What a difference a coat of paint can make! Above is a before and after picture of a shopping center that we completed this year.

How it Works

Obviously, doing striping work out of state can be fairly complex and takes some additional planning and preparation.  For this reason, we have designated employees that spend much of their time facilitating this work.  Our National Account Manager works directly with property managers throughout the country, reviewing their portfolio of properties and helping them determine budget numbers for the upcoming year. Once the striping work is approved, our scheduler maps out all properties to be completed in a specific region of the country and then works with the property managers to come up with schedule dates that are acceptable to everyone.  The out of state striping crew loads up their truck and trailer with all the necessary supplies and then hits the road.Parking Lot Striping Testimonial

Depending on the number of properties, the crew spends one to two weeks on the road at a time.  The crew goes from property to property at night until all work in that region is complete. While the crew is gone, our scheduler provides the property managers with daily updates and reminders.

About Otto’s Parking Marking

Otto’s Parking Marking is an Indiana based parking lot maintenance company with a well-deserved reputation for fair prices, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service.  If you’re a property manager looking for a company to handle the parking lot striping of your properties, consider Otto’s Parking Marking.  Regardless of the size of your portfolio or the location of your properties, Otto’s has the ability and expertise to meet your needs.