Project Location: A shopping center in Carmel, IN

Project Background: A longtime property management client contacted us to make some changes and enhancements to the parking lot at one of their shopping centers in Carmel, IN.  Due to the major upgrades being done to US 31, the shopping center lost its regular access from the highway and the new concrete walls along the highway made the shopping center less visible to the public. The property manager wanted to maximize the appeal of the shopping center by making updates to the parking lot area. In 2014, the customer had us grind up the old pavement markings.  The lot was then seal coated, leaving a blank canvas for us to reconfigure and layout the new spaces and markings. As a finishing touch, the customer decided to replace all of their old standard signage with new custom signage. The sign work, which we are highlighting in this blog, was completed this past month.

Scope of Work: Our scope of work was to produce and install new signage within the parking lot.

Project Details: The first step was to produce the signs.  All necessary materials were ordered and the sign posts, backing plates, and pyramid caps were powder coated. After the signs were produced, the installation was scheduled and the utility locates were called in to Indiana811. The materials were then packed up and taken to the job site for installation. All existing signage, sign posts, and sign bases were removed and the new signs and sign posts were installed in their place. Eleven of the sign posts were set in concrete footers in the landscape; 4 were cored in the sidewalk; and 13 were set in bollards and then set in concrete footers in the asphalt.  The signs and backing plates were attached to the sign posts.  Everything was then wiped clean to remove any dirt and dust.  Finally, the old signs, posts and bases were loaded up and hauled away from the job site.

Project Duration: The installation of the new signs took 3 days for the crew to complete.

Stop Sign_Before & After

Before & After Pictures of a Stop Sign

Handicap Sign_Before & After

Before & After Pictures of a Handicap Accessible Sign

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