College basketball fever has swept the nation, but even more so here in Indiana. Not only are five teams representing our state in the tournament, but Indianapolis will be hosting the men’s college basketball championship this year. The championship games will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 4th & 6th. Basketball fans from all over the county will be visiting our city on those dates. While here they will sleep, dine, and shop at local downtown and suburban businesses.

If you’re a business owner, you know just how important first impressions are. And what is the first impression of a business? The parking lot, of course. Is your parking lot a welcoming sight to customers or does it sends them running in the opposite direction?  If it’s the latter of the two, now is the perfect time to tidy up your parking lot.  Don’t let any of those basketball fans get away. Below are three quick and easy steps to get your parking lot shipshape before the championship games.

  1. Pick up trash. Customers shouldn’t have to worry about running over cans or tripping on banana peels. Messy may be a popular hairstyle, but it doesn’t make for a very attractive parking lot.
  2. Sweep and/or power wash. Let’s face it; no one likes dirt and dust all over their vehicle. Sweeping and power washing will get rid of dirt and grime that has collected on the surface and in the cracks of your parking lot.
  3. Restripe.  Customers don’t want to guess where they need to park. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the markings in your lot not only make it aesthetically pleasing, but also alleviates parking confusion. For safety reasons; fire lanes, loading areas, and spaces designated for the disabled, should be clearly marked at all times.
parking lot striping

You only get one “shot” at a great first impression. A clean parking lot with freshly painted markings will guarantee that your business will SCORE big!

These three steps can really make a big difference in the appearance of your parking lot.  Once your parking lot is clean, call Otto’s Parking Marking to brighten up the markings with a new coat of paint.

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