If Otto’s Parking Marking is installing a sign or bollard at your place of business, rest assured that we are taking the required precautionary measures before our work begins. When a sign or bollard installation project is approved, Otto’s immediately makes a phone call to Indiana 811. We give the Indiana 811 operator the exact location of where the sign or bollard will be installed. Indiana 811 then alerts the affected underground utility owners so that they can send locators to mark their utility lines with paint or flags. Once the lines are accurately marked, we can begin our work.

There are nearly 20 million miles of underground utility lines in the United States. These buried utility lines include gas, water, sewer, cable TV, high-speed Internet, landline telephone and electric. All of these lines provide the services Americans depend on for their basic everyday needs.  Unintentionally striking a line can result in inconvenient outages, costly repairs, and can even cause physical harm.

Every digging project, no matter how big or how small, justifies a call to Indiana 811. If Otto’s Parking Marking is doing the digging, we’ll make that phone call for you. However, you should always make sure that either you or your contractor are calling in locates at least two days before work begins.

About Otto’s Parking Marking
Otto’s Parking Marking is an Indiana based parking lot maintenance company with a well-deserved reputation for fair prices, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. Otto’s Parking Marking is dedicated to keeping our employees safe and keeping our customers with water and electricity. That’s why Indiana 811 is an integral part of every job we perform that requires digging.