Below is a short questionnaire to help you evaluate the conditions of your parking lot this spring.  Grab a notebook and take a walk around your parking lot.  Using the following 10 questions as a guide, make note of any areas of concern.  You may want to print an aerial of your property from Google Earth, so that you can mark these areas for future use.

  1. Are there any potholes or loose / deteriorated areas in the asphalt?
  2. Are there any damaged or deteriorated areas in the concrete curbing?
  3. Are the drains deteriorating?
  4. Are there large cracks in the asphalt or vegetation growing in the cracks?
  5. Has it been a while since the lot was seal coated?  Is the asphalt black or grey?
  6. Is the striping faded or barely visible?
  7. Is there chipped or faded paint on the parking bumpers, curbs or light pole bases?
  8. Are there any loose or damaged parking bumpers?
  9. Are there traffic and parking signs that are faded or don’t meet code for reflectivity?
  10. Are there any signs posts that are rusted, bent, or leaning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to schedule some preventative and cosmetic maintenance and repairs.  You should also consider having a professional put together an annual pavement maintenance plan that won’t kill your budget and will keep your parking lot looking great for many years to come.


About Otto’s Parking Marking

Otto’s Parking Marking is a parking lot maintenance company located in Greenwood, IN.  We serve retail businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, etc. in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.  Otto’s has a well-deserved reputation for fair prices, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service.  Whether your parking lot is in need of major or minor asphalt repairs or needs brightened up with seal coat and a fresh coat of paint, our knowledgeable sales team and dedicated crews are here to help.