Project Location: Military/Government Facility in Indianapolis, IN

Project Background: This is a site upgrade project that includes re-grading, resurfacing and reconfiguring the parking lots at the facility, as well as a few other site improvements. The project was split into phases to allow the Owner’s day-to-day operations to continue without interruption.

Scope of Work: Otto’s was awarded the parking lot striping, parking bumper, bollard, and sign installation work on this job.

Project Details: Since this is a government facility, security clearance was required for this job. Each Otto’s employee going onsite at the facility had to have extensive background checks run before starting our work. Each phase of the project had its challenges, but one of the biggest challenges on the job so far, was installing a large number of signs in an area that didn’t have the parking space lines on the pavement yet. Typically these lines allow the sign crew to center the sign in the middle of the parking space. Without the lines already in place, the installation took a lot of time, concentration and attention to detail, but our sign crew made it happen. Another challenge was painting a large portion of the parking lot spaces on a radius, or curve. While this type of layout isn’t unheard of, it definitely isn’t something that we see everyday. There is a higher level of difficulty when painting on a radius, but our striping crews got it done!

Project Duration:  This project was estimated to take 2 1/2 years to complete. Otto’s started our work in 2015 and will finish up the final phase in 2017.