Winter weather in Indiana is like a roller coaster. It can be below freezing one day and then sunny and warm the next. Not only are the up and downs annoying for residents, but they also do a lot of damage to our asphalt roads and parking lots.

When water penetrates asphalt cracks during the winter months, it freezes, expands, and widens the cracks.  This process happens multiples times throughout the winter, worsening the cracks each time and eventually turning them into potholes. Potholes should be repaired immediately, regardless of the time of year.  If not taken care of immediately, they can lead to costly trip and fall lawsuits and lost business.

When repairing potholes in the winter, a cold mix asphalt should be used. The reason for this is because cold mix asphalt is more manageable in the already cold weather of winter. It doesn’t need to be mixed, heated, or prepared in any special way before applying to a pothole. Cold mix asphalt is simply shoveled onto the pothole and smoothed over with a plate compactor. Cold mix asphalt doesn’t suffer any effects from the cold temperatures of winter, which makes it a great type of asphalt to use now. However, cold mix asphalt is NOT a permanent solution. It is simply a band-aid. As soon as the weather permits, you should replace a cold mix asphalt fix with a permanent hot mix asphalt repair.


About Otto’s Parking Marking

Otto’s Parking Marking is an Indiana parking lot maintenance company serving the greater Indianapolis area.  Otto’s has a well-deserved reputation for fair prices, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. Whether you need a temporary pothole repair this winter or need to have some areas of asphalt permanently repaired in the spring, our dedicated team of professionals and highly trained crews are here to help.