In November’s Otto’s newsletter we briefly discussed four ways to prepare your parking lot for the holiday season. Review them here, and use them as a checklist to make sure your parking lot is well maintained for the upcoming busy season.

1. Are there cracks that need to be repaired?

Filling the cracks in the asphalt pavement is imperative to maintaining and extending the life of your parking lot. Asphalt deterioration begins when water enters the asphalt foundation through openings in the surface. The water will begin to break down the foundation, jeopardizing its ability to support the asphalt. The unstable asphalt will then begin to crumble and turn into a pothole.

Water can penetrate into the asphalt foundation during any season, but the freeze-thaw cycle that happens during the winter months causes considerably more damage. Sealing the cracks before the snow falls and the ice forms will help minimize the chances for potholes and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

2. Are there potholes that need to be filled?

Much like skipping out on crack sealing, choosing not to repair potholes before winter can further the deterioration of the asphalt. In addition to facing expensive repairs or resurfacing, property owners could also be held liable for vehicle damage or even personal injury. Repairing the asphalt prior to someone twisting an ankle or slipping on ice in a pothole can prevent further liability.

3. Are the pavement markings easily seen?

If your parking space lines are dull or the crosswalks aren’t defined, you may want to think about having them restriped to avoid confusion for consumers. The holiday season brings heavy traffic and having a well maintained, clean parking lot is an easy way to leave a great first impression! Lots that are left unmaintained are a turn off to shoppers and are often avoided often due to the ease of navigating a well maintained lot. When was the last time you had your pavement markings painted?

4. Have traffic signs dulled and lack reflectivity?

Did you know that the U. S. Department of Transportation requires a minimum retro reflectivity for traffic signs? Even private roadways such as parking lots are included in these requirements. When it comes to meeting those requirements it’s good to keep in mind that weather, things like sunlight and environmental damage will speed up the deterioration process. Having dulled or fallen stop signs can also cause accidents, and likely drivers will avoid these areas for safety. If you know of any damage to your parking lots traffic signs now would be the time to consider having them fixed to avoid losing that holiday business.

Otto’s is happy to assist you in all of your fall parking lot spruce up needs. Whether it is filling holes, painting lines or making bright shiny new traffic signs we would be happy to come take a look and put an estimate together for you!