This month our newsletter featured a project spotlight on a new retail store in Fishers, IN that opened in October. The project began back in 2016 with drawing and bids being sent out long before construction even began. Once we received approval and the job site was ready for us we got started on the parking lot. What you may not realize is that for a job of this size our crews don’t come in until after months of construction to complete the process. Although often overlooked, the pavement markings and signage that we do is one of the most important parts. Not only does it provide consumers with their first impression of the store, but it also makes traffic flow quickly and safely.

The work we completed on the project included over 900 parking spaces and 29 handicapped accessible spaces, as well as installing 70 signs and post, and 50 bollards. Not any less important we also striped 11 customer loading spaces located at the front of the store, 19 crosswalks, and 22 arrows. Although we do have basic stencils, a service we are able to provide for our customers is to design and cut custom stenciling for a specific look. For example things like, “No Parking” or “Loading Zone”. For this project we created stencils based on details provided by the retailer to showcase their own unique look.

A project of this magnitude requires several striping and sign crews to be onsite for multiple days in order to complete the work on time. With 10 striping crews and 3 sign crews available we were able to finish without delaying any of our other projects. This is especially important to us and something that we pride ourselves on being able to provide for our customers.

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