Project Spotlight: Bollard Installation

In June of 2017, we completed our largest bollard project to date by installing 165 bollards at a new Jr. High in Lafayette, IN.  This project was not only unique in size, but also because of the installation.  The typical process of coring concrete sidewalks prior to installation was eliminated by laying out and installing the bollards prior to any concrete or pavement improvements – a cost savings to our client and a time-saver for our crew.  After the sidewalks were poured, we returned to site and added the custom black and red bollard covers to meet project specifications.

Bollards are everywhere, even if you don’t realize what they are. So what is the purpose of a bollard? They are barrier posts that you may see surrounding retail store fronts, fire hydrants, or bike lanes. These posts help to maintain the safety of pedestrians and drivers, regulate traffic, and can even enhance the aesthetics of a property. They can also be added as sign posts to protect from being damaged by motorists.

Are you interested in adding bollard covers to your project or property? Otto’s now provides high quality and affordable bollard covers for our customers. If you’d like to never worry about painting your bollard posts again, while also cleaning up the look of your parking lot, contact Otto’s Parking Marking today for more information.

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