Indiana Barrier Company

Indiana Barrier Company, an affiliate of Otto’s Parking Marking, is a manufacturer, supplier, and installer of concrete sign bases. The sign bases are manufactured with 4000 psi air-entrained concrete, and unique vibrations to settle concrete into the base forms. A typical sign base weighs around 250 pounds, making them the perfect solution for protecting sign posts and keeping them upright in high traffic areas. When necessary the IBC sign bases can be moved out of the way for snow removal and other parking lot maintenance.


Many property owners are using concrete sign bases as a durable solution to help manage and facilitate traffic flow in their parking lots and as the demand continues to increase, so does the production.  A recent project required 850 sign bases to be manufactured and shipped across the United States. To meet this demand, IBC built new concrete forms allowing for production of 20 sign bases a day. That doubles the production amount from 2017 and effectively allows us to complete orders from 1 to 1000 on a timely basis. In addition to our standard concrete forms, IBC can also create custom forms for your unique projects.

Indiana Barrier offers different options for obtaining products after completion. Customers have the option to pick up from the manufacturing site, but must keep in mind the weight of each base. IBC also offers delivery and installation as well as the option to have the sign bases shipped across the United States.



Watch How They Are Made!



Is your company in need of a solution for protecting sign posts in interior drive lanes within your parking lot? Contact us today and visit the Indiana Barrier website for more information.

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