Get a Jump Start to the New School Year with Otto’s

It’s not too early to start thinking about the next school year. With more schools adopting a balanced calendar schedule it means shorter summer vacations and less time for completing maintenance projects. Schools get just as much wear and tear on their parking lots as commercial businesses and it’s easy to see why. Heavy traffic, delivery trucks, and pick- up and drop-off lines for parents can add stress to parking lots. Otto’s can repair damage to your parking lot and improve parking markings with the following services:

  • Repair potholes or broken up areas in the asphalt
  • Make the parking lot look new again by filling the cracks and applying sealcoat
  • Brighten up the parking lot by restriping the pavement markings
  • Replace any broken parking bumpers and faded signage
  • Freshen up the paint on the protective bollard posts

Parking marking services aren’t just for making parking lots safe and functional – they can also make a playground fun! Here are some of the ways we can spruce up your playground:

  • Basketball courts
  • Foursquare courts
  • Hopscotch courts
  • Running tracks
  • Band fields
  • Logos or school mascots
  • US & State Maps
  • Clocks, Calculators, and Compasses

The shorter summer vacation is better for the kids, but it only gives school districts June and July to complete repairs. If you believe your parking lot or playground could use a spruce up for the upcoming year, contact Otto’s today and let us help.

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