When was the last time you inspected your parking lot’s storm drains?


Storm drains play an important role in the preservation of your parking lot and help to maintain it’s integrity. In order for your parking lot’s asphalt to remain in tact the subsurface needs to remain dry, meaning water needs to be channeled off of the parking lot. This happens when storm drains are in place and in good working order. Gaps or leaks in the drains system can result in a wet sub base, which can cause a soft foundation for the asphalt. Damage such as cracked asphalt, pot holes or sunken areas can occur when this happens. Even if you aren’t able to see the damage on the outside surface, holes can be hidden just below the asphalt. Once a car hits the damaged area the hole will be exposed, allowing a new path for water to run off and causing further damage to the foundation of the drain.



Drains can be as little as one foot deep, to six feet deep or bigger. The drain is comprised of grate, frame, catch basin and pipes. All of these components must be connected and tightly sealed. So how do you check the condition of your drain? First, the drain grate needs to be removed for proper inspection. Keep in mind that drain grates can weigh up to 150 pounds. Removing the drain grate should not be attempted alone. Once the grate is removed you will visually inspect the drain starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Look for gaps, voids, lose bricks or blocks. A depression in the asphalt next to the drain can also be an indicator that there is a problem below the surface.

Storm drains are often forgotten when it comes to repairs so the next time you walk through your parking lot, take a look at the drains. If you don’t feel confident in determining whether the storm drains are in need of repairs, contact Otto’s Parking Marking. One of our knowledgeable staff members can meet with you to let you know what repairs we can help you with.


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