Your parking lot is the first and last thing a customer sees when visiting your property. With September being half way over, we are headed right into the holiday season. Now is the time to do a quick evaluation of your property to determine if it will invite customers in or drive them to the nearest competitor. Below are three simple and economic ways to make sure your parking lot is looking and functioning at it’s best this holiday season.

1. Refresh Parking Stalls and Directional Markings 

Have you ever tried to park in a lot where the parking stalls have practically disappeared? You end up with wasted space and confusion as people do their best to park. During the busy holiday shopping season, every space counts. Doing something as simple as brightening the parking stalls can give you a new look and maximum efficiency.
This also goes for directional markings. If your property has one-way traffic flow marked with arrows or if you have stop lines directly on the pavement, refreshing them now increases the odds that they will remain visible throughout the season and decreases your chances for liabilities.

3. Replace Faded Signs

Over time, stop signs, directional signs and other parking lot signage can fade and look dingy. Salt and road grime can build up over time and cause your signage to age prematurely. Installing new, consistent signage can improve your lot safety, while also making it more efficient.

4. Replace Broken Parking Bumpers

Parking bumpers are designed to help protect parked vehicles, signage, and other objects against accidental vehicular damage. They also help drivers know where they should park and how far they should pull into their parking space. When bumpers are broken, not only does it make your exterior look run down but it also means they are no longer able to do their job. Replacing your concrete parking bumpers is an easy way to freshen up your parking lot, and keep it safe.

Do any of these updates need to be made in your parking lot? Contact us today to speak with someone on our knowledgeable staff about how we can help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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