Job Descriptions

Job mobilization allows for promotion to different responsibilities within the company to create a lasting and fulfilling career. Typically, when hired for crew work, a new employee starts as a laborer, becomes a painter, then he/she has the opportunity for promotion to crew leader. Review Otto’s Parking Marking’s job descriptions and visit our employment page for more information or download and fill out our job application.


  • First position upon employment
  • Assists painter and crew leader in completing jobs
  • Moves and sets stencils
  • Masks the lines for painting
  • Possible promotion to painter after a few months of successful work


  • Promotion after laborer
  • Operates striping machine to paint lines and stencils
  • Completes minor layout for new lots
  • Troubleshoots the machine for better operation
  • Possible promotion to crew leader after a one-year minimum of successful work

Crew Leader

  • Promotion after Painter
  • Front line supervisor representing Otto’s
  • Paid health insurance, profit-sharing program, and a retirement plan
  • Manages Laborer and Painter effectively for efficient completion of jobs
  • Communicates with the customer on site
  • Ensures work meets Otto’s quality standards
  • 10-hr. OSHA Classes required
  • Chauffeur’s License required