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Holiday Parking Lot Checklist

In November's Otto's newsletter we briefly discussed four ways to prepare your parking lot for the holiday season. Review them here, and use them as a checklist to make sure your parking lot is well maintained for the upcoming busy season. 1. Are there cracks that...

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Pothole Repairs in Winter

Winter weather in Indiana is like a roller coaster. It can be below freezing one day and then sunny and warm the next. Not only are the up and downs annoying for residents, but they also do a lot of damage to our asphalt roads and parking lots. When water penetrates...

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Parking Lot Maintenance Questionnaire

Below is a short questionnaire to help you evaluate the conditions of your parking lot this spring.  Grab a notebook and take a walk around your parking lot.  Using the following 10 questions as a guide, make note of any areas of concern.  You may want to print an...

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Why We Call Before We Dig

If Otto’s Parking Marking is installing a sign or bollard at your place of business, rest assured that we are taking the required precautionary measures before our work begins. When a sign or bollard installation project is approved, Otto’s immediately makes a phone...

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